Driver charged in hitting bicyclist

In October of 2019, Penny Hancock was riding her bicycle on South Harper Street in Poteau, Oklahoma. Within a matter of seconds, her life changed.

According to the police report, Benjamin Ragsdale, employed by 360 Communications, was driving a company vehicle north on Conser Avenue and stopped at a stop sign at the intersection of Conser and South Harper. Driving forward on Conser, he entered the intersection, hitting Mrs. Hancock and her bicycle with the 360 Communication company vehicle he was driving. The impact to Mrs. Hancock was so severe, she was life-flighted to Tulsa with multple injuries. The collision caused a brain injury and a broken arm and wrist, both requiring plates to repair. Also, a broken pelvis and multiple abrasions and bruises.

Employers are responsible for maintaining safe company vehicles but more importantly, placing safe drivers behind the wheel of these vehicles. Mrs. Hancock was riding her bicycle, and in a matter of minutes, she was being life-flighted to Tulsa with extensive injuries. Yes, life can change in an instant.

We’re fighting for Mrs. Hancock and the compensation she deserves for the negligence that caused her injuries

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