Dallas Crane Collapse Tragedy; Remembering Kiersten Smith,

On June 9, 2019, tragedy struck the residents of Elan City Lights, when a crane, owned and operated by Bigge Crane & Rigging Co., collapsed onto their 5-story apartment complex. One person, 29-year-old Kiersten Smith, lost her life and six others were taken to hospitals for injuries ranging from minor to critical.

We want to honor and remember the life of Kiersten Smith. She was taken at the prime of her life, with much to look forward to. She had recently received a promotion at work and she was engaged to be married this fall. We are grieved that this preventable situation would tragically take her life and injure so many others.

During a storm, a construction crane owned by Biggie Crane and Rigging fell into Elan City Lights apartments in Dallas, killing 1 and injuring 6 others.

In addition to the death of Kiersten Smith and the many injuries that are being treated, Elan City Lights had 468 units and was 94% full. Multiple parts of the building collapsed as well as the multi-level parking garage. The building has been deemed unstable and uninhabitable, which means all the residents have been displaced from their homes, many having lost belongings and cars.

June 9th, 29 year old Kiersten Smith of Dallas, was killed by a crane falling into her apartment.

Thoughts and prayers are with each of these victims. The road to recovery and healing from traumatic events, such as this crane collapse, can take time and effort. There are physical injuries, but also mental and emotional wounds that can be just as damaging. We have walked with grieving and suffering families through years of suffering the aftermath of similar tragic events, including another Bigge crane collapse. What these people are going through in Dallas is incredibly challenging and life-altering. We grieve with these individuals and families as they begin to navigate these losses and figure out what comes next.