Golf Swing (This is the second blog in the series on my attempt to qualify for the U.S. Mid-Am.)

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. That’s a quote attributed to several different people, but it is something I completely believe in. Because of that, I didn’t want to only try half-way to qualify for the Mid-Am. As with every big project, or any case we handle at Oliver Law Firm, the first step is to analyze the situation and lay out a plan of attack. For me to qualify for the Mid-Am I realized I needed to work on two main things. (1) The consistency of my ball-striking (full shots in golf) and (2) my conditioning. Every round I’d have one or two bad swings that really cost me and by the end of walking 18 holes I started to notice I was losing distance on my shots because of my conditioning.

So I decided to tackle both head-on. I’ve been spending more time on the driving range ingraining a good swing using a DST training aid I’ve had success with. In the past, I would just go play any chance I had because it’s more fun to play than to practice. Obviously we all have busy schedules, so sometimes this meant eating at my desk while I work and then taking my lunch break on the driving range. I’m really starting to see some progress.

In order to work on my conditioning, I’ve changed my exercise to focus on cardio and flexibility (I was already going to the gym for an hour 5x/week, so I knew it wasn’t frequency of exercise that was my problem). I’ve also changed my diet to one that focuses on eating less sugar and simple carbohydrates to try to drop some weight so that my legs have less to carry around when I play. It seems like even if I don’t qualify for the Mid-Am, I’ll likely end up better off physically than I was before because of this process.

Committing to a decision and working hard to succeed are two things I’ve always prided myself in doing. I’ve committed myself to giving this my best shot and I’m enjoying the process so far. I’ve already started thinking about my next post and there’s going to be a major update. Be sure and tune in!