Chiropractor Who Commits Fraud Is Sentenced To Prison

In a tale that will only increase the level of contempt with which chiropractors are treated, a Maryland-based chiropractor was sentenced to five months in prison for fraud. Lawrence S. Herman, the owner of Herman Chiropractic, falsified documents and submitted insurance claims for injuries he did not sustain.

In an interesting twist which is becoming more and more common, pictures of him running marathons during the period of his alleged injury helped to disprove his claims of disability. In arguing for leniency, Herman’s attorneys stated that this was a one-time crime and that his poor judgment was precipitated by his acrimonious divorce proceedings and his financial struggles.

Herman is said to have sued for $60,000 from the insurance companies for treatment he did not undergo and alleged pain and suffering. It is true that Herman was actually involved in a car accident but it was exceedingly minor and he did not suffer any injuries.

The federal government urged the court away from a lenient sentence by arguing that Herman tried to shift blame throughout the entire process. He is alleged to have argued that the employees who falsified the documents and the attorney who represented him were equally responsible for the fraud committed against the insurance company.

Herman will serve five months in prison and he will also serve five months of house arrest after his prison sentence ends. Herman’s tale is one that demonstrates the increasing emphasis on reducing public waste, fraud and corruption.