Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

On November 9, 2011, Sach Oliver of Oliver Law Firm spoke at the Rogers/Lowell Chamber of Commerce Business-to-Business luncheon.

Sach spoke to the audience of approximately 60 people about building their own culture within their businesses. Sach used the book written by Tom Hsieh the CEO of Zappos, Inc. Delivering Happiness A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, to give examples of ways to promote customer service and develop a company culture and have fun while working. Sach also talked of trusting people and let them take the lead and the importance of hiring people who are dedicated about their work but also know how to have fun while working.

Sach gave some examples of Oliver Law Firm’s culture. Sach gave the example of building a company library and offering incentives to employees who read the books. A list of favorite books from Oliver Law Firm Library was shared with the Chamber audience. Sach also talked about the firm’s policy of calling clients and keeping them informed on the progress of their case and to see if there was anything in addition we could assist them with. Each client has their picture taken and become members of quite a large extended family.

During the September meeting, Sach spoke on the importance of safe playgrounds for children. Charity auctioneering is one of the ways that Sach gives back to the community, so on this day, Sach auctioned off a television with the proceeds going to the highest bidder’s charity of choice. Jim Brandon with Prudential Insurance was the highest bidder and he chose CASA of NWA as his charity to receive the proceeds of this auction. A cornerstone of Oliver Law Firm culture is to be active in our area and support a charity of choice.

Oliver Law Firm has been the sponsor for the 2011 Business-to-Business luncheon for the Rogers/Lowell Chamber of Commerce.