Careless Co-workers and Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can be complicated in different ways. First, there’s the confusion of exactly what happened, how it happened, and who is at fault. Second, there are the people involved, the existing relationships between injured parties, their co-workers and employers. Third, there is the tough and sometimes fearful decision whether or not to jeopardize friendships or employment to pursue an injury claim. Victims sometimes feel disloyal for coming forward after an injury, especially when that injury involves a close colleague.

Accepting faults in our friends and loved ones is essential to being social and participating in a family. But at work, these roles change, even if the same actors are involved. When someone, whether a friend or not, makes decisions or commits actions that lead to the serious injury of another person, there must be a higher consideration. And no matter the existing relationships or loyalty of the injured party, workplace accidents should never be kept “in the family.”

Every workplace injury should teach the whole field a new lesson about workplace safety. Getting the facts is essential to that ongoing process. Injuries suffered due to negligence, even momentary carelessness, should be reported and investigated. If co-workers or employers are careless at work, even if no harm has yet come from this behavior, it is the responsibility of everyone involved to tell someone. Once someone is hurt, it’s too late. Loyalty is a wonderful trait, but when someone is injured, honesty is the more important virtue.

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