Book Report – Going Above and Beyond by Katharine C. Giovanni

When I first started reading this book, I didn’t think that there was going to be a difference in being a receptionist and being a concierge. Although they have similar traits, there is a distinct difference. Not everybody can have the mindset of a receptionist, but I guarantee that everybody can have the mindset of a concierge. That mindset includes being confident, showing courtesy and having common sense. Confidence can be increased by knowing how to act in each situation. Showing courtesy is to be kind and think about others. Common sense is one of those things that people tend to forget. Trust your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. Ultimately, being a concierge, you will do anything for anyone, anywhere, at any time if its legal, moral and ethical.

As a concierge, you need to gain trust with the client. They need to be able to trust that you will get them to where they need to go, make them feel welcomed, assure them that you will immediately solve any problem, all while showing them extraordinary customer service. Doing these things is so important because they will continue to use our service, and recommend our company to others. Not only should excellent customer service be shown by the concierge, but it should also be shown by management and business owners. If you treat your employee the right way, and your employees treat the client the right way, then it becomes a lifestyle instead of an isolated act.

The way you treat your client from the first contact makes a huge impact on the relationship. You will never get a second first impression. Making the client feel important is essential to good customer service skills. Always ask the client before you do something. Saying “Please hold” and then pushing the hold button doesn’t make them feel like their situation is very important. Instead, asking them “Ma’am or Sir, can you please hold?” may give them peace of mind knowing that you are getting them help right away. When a client needs to meet somebody in the office, it’s best to escort them yourself. You could even ask them if they would like a snack or a beverage before taking them to their destination. A client will recognize the extra act of kindness and appreciate it. In the long run, kindness will lead to loyalty.

Making appropriate eye contact and positive body language are also very important when it comes to good customer service skills. When you make eye contact, it lets the client know that you are listening to every word they are saying. Even the small act of a firm handshake will let them know that they are welcomed and at that moment you are engaged. One of the most famous handshake was on April 25,1945 when the United States and the Soviet Union Forces met on a bridge in Germany and shook hands. This simple act was a gesture of camaraderie, even if only for a moment. Sometimes even the littlest things will make a client feel like they are at home and we are on the same team.

In Conclusion, I think good concierge is nice, thoughtful, welcoming, and goes the extra mile to assure that the client leaves the office having had a positive experience.

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