Are You Required to Provide a Statement to the Other Driver’s Insurance Carrier?

Why Insurance Adjustors Want a Recorded Statement

After an accident, insurance companies will have an adjustor call you for a recorded statement. The adjustor will insinuate that you are required to give them a recorded statement. Insurance adjustors are highly trained to make you feel like the accident was partly your fault to reduce the amount of compensation the insurance company is required to pay.

You are not required to give the other driver’s insurance company a recorded statement. In fact, if you do, it may hurt your chances for receiving full compensation for your injuries.

What to Do if The Insurance Company Calls You

Here is what we recommend you do if the other driver’s insurance calls you and wants a recorded statement. Always be polite and use this call to get information from the insurance company. A good way to get this information is to say, “In case we get cut off, may I get your name and phone number?”

Once you have the adjustor’s name and phone number, you can ask for your claim number and the limits of coverage the other driver had at the time of the accident. Sometimes the adjustor will give you the limits of insurance, it never hurts to ask.

A good way to end the conversation is to tell the adjustor you want to talk to your lawyer before making a statement.

If you have questions about how to handle the call, our experienced attorneys will be glad to help.

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